by Deborah Grevett

Lara Bingle. Trendsetter. Style leader. Surprising right…?

Who could’ve predicted that this pretty, petite, down-to-earth, girl-next-door-looking Aussie glamour swimsuit model & minor reality TV celebrity would prove herself to be way ahead of the international style curve. She was one of, if not THE very first in the world to cut her long surfie bleached glamour girl locks into the now infamous Bingle Bob (a directional, edgy and incredibly flattering modern take on the long bob).

Slightly concave, shorter at the back, weighted towards the front so that it swings deliciously free & easy, with it’s longest point barely grazing the collarbone. Versatile, this ‘wash-and-go’ style can be salt-water scrunched to boho perfection, or dried straight and flat-ironed for uber-sleek perfection.

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And Lara led the way all the way back in May 2014, a time when the fashion world was still obsessed with voluminous Victoria’s Secret-style Gisele-worthy long tresses. Our Lara’s new short ’do’ was undoubtedly the most copied cut of 2014/15 inspiring globally-recognised style stars and Hollywood red carpet fashion darlings to go short soon after – with Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller, Jourdan Dunn, Emma Stone, Lily Collins, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston and Tyra Banks all following suit.

We’re not saying anybody was specifically inspired by Bingle, indeed most of them probably have no idea who she is. The point is, that she was a clear front-runner in picking up on the fashion’s new mood for edgy shorter hair, and she had the balls to go ‘the chop’ when no one else would. It’s something about her timing of it and her innate easy natural Aussie vibe making women want to rush out and copy her, and buy whatever it is she’s selling.

This cut oozes confidence. The shorter length is fresh, opens up the face, brings definition to features, exposes & highlights the neck and face area, resulting in a more youthful, strong and modern look. Bemused hairdressers at high-end salons all over the world, are currently being shown pics of Lara as we speak, with the chicest women of all ages requesting “The Bingle Bob”.

Arguably, with one haircut, Lara seemed to transform overnight from a passé B-grade local celebrity with her Bondi beach babe dime-a-dozen sun-bleached long hair & denim cut-offs. She’s become a chic, sexy grown woman, wearing cutting-edge tailored Aussie designers like Dion Lee, and in a relationship with hipster indie film darling Sam Worthington.

Now pregnant with their first child, the beautiful relaxed natural Aussie beach babe probably couldn’t care less that we’re all gagging to be her right now, but 28-year Lara has blossomed into a confident style force to be reckoned with.



22 February 2015 Hair, Moda, Uncategorized

Author: Deborah Grevett

I guess I’m a little quirky…;) extremely passionate and very, very colourful. I own a boutique hair salon in Paddington called Papillon Hair (French for butterfly). Yes I have an obsession with Paris, French bobs, and pretty things as well as cool. “Just living is not enough” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” – my life moto! Enjoy