INSPIRATION… is that so?

Is that so blog, inspiration

Is That So was borne from a concept of having a collation of amazing and eclectic composition of written expression by friends and family so that their voice isn’t lost in a world of obscurity – so dramatic right! It’s true but – they’re just too special for that.

Collectively we’ve got an ample supply of inspiration, one way, subject, or another. Let’s face it, technology and globalisation has made it real easy for us to be privy to what’s going on here in the Eastern seaboard of Australia, and around the world. This gives us loads to assess, consider and talk about!

Thematically we’ve based our thoughts and opinions on stuff that is now, and for the better part known as ‘modern society’. The blogs are raw, through natural lenses, and with no boundaries or bars held. The reality is, this is all in the name of a bit of creativity and fun, and if it organically seeps into greater circles – well ‘que sera sera..’

I’d like to grow Is That So farther.  I intend on having works from some truly gifted and talented people from several different walks of life who I’ve been fortunate enough to meet. I’d like to cross all beliefs and judgements and provide non-bias perspectives and insights on a number of topics.

There’s no right or wrong in this world, it’s all about perspective, personal experiences, and acceptance.

“I think… if it is true that there are as many minds as there are heads, then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts.”

Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina