Foundation Salvation: 8 options explained

by Pauline Demirjian

Foundation. This is a big deal! I mean, the name says it all –‘foundation’; it’s the base to your whole makeup. Mess this up and you’ve potentially messed up the lot.

Whether you’re wanting to achieve a glamorous, dramatic or just fresh and natural look, the key element is always a flawless base. I’m going to take you through 8 foundation options, to pick the right one for you!

There is however one thing I must mention before we get into the proper technique to selecting the right foundation, and its really important, so please stop scrolling through your Facebook news feed at the same time as you read on you overachiever.

I know you’ve heard it oh so many times before, alas, please let us preach in unison: “Foundation should not be so heavy that it masks the skin!!”

With many thanks to recent trends of ‘no makeup’ makeup hitting the fashion scene, there has been a huge shift in how foundation is worn. This is great because it allows for enhancement of the skin, balance and correction, so that it still looks like skin. Sing hallelujah!

Product selection

Like most products in makeup, the options are boundless, so I’ll do my best to take the guesswork out. Before we start, check these 4 things:

1. your skin type (you can refer back to earlier articles to detect this)

2. level of coverage you prefer (light, medium, or full)

3. occasion for wearing this foundation (work, evening, special occasion)

4. what finish you’re looking for (matte, dewy etc)

Keeping this in mind, these 8 following products options can help lead you to the foundation labyrinth.

1. CC cream (Complexion/Colour Corrector)

Super light base focused on using skin brightening light reflective particles to minimize redness, sallowness and duller looking skin. Has anti-ageing skincare properties and sun protection

Erborian CC Creme

Erborian CC Creme


2. BB cream (Beauty/Blemish Balm)

Very similar finish to CC Creams in texture and SPF, but with more coverage. Still containing anti-ageing properties and skincare benefits that focus on prevention of skin blemishes (any other advertised benefits are down to marketing rhetoric in my opinion, both BB and CC products are promoted as being all-in-one serum, moisturiser, primer, foundation containing SPF)

Bobbi Brown BB Creme

Bobbi Brown BB Creme


3. Tinted moisturiser

Light coverage with focus on SPF protection – popular for traveling because it’s a light veil of colour, minimum effort, and sun protection, and suitable for all skin types


NARS Tinted Moisturiser

NARS Tinted Moisturiser


4. Cream compact

Light to medium buildable coverage. It’s much better suited to dryer skins due to luminous finish

NARS Radiant Creamy Compact

NARS Radiant Creamy Compact


5. Liquid foundation

Can be purchased in light, medium, and full coverage. It may be an oil free formula for oiler skin types, or include illuminating properties which will help flatter dryer skins

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation


6. Stick foundation

Medium to full coverage, and with its cream formula, this is heavy-duty stuff! It’s a popular choice for those who have oily skin as it covers imperfections and those prone to acne.

Chantecialle Stick foundation

Chantecialle Stick foundation


7. Powder foundation

Light to medium coverage, and a great option for those wanting to avoid using liquid or cream products. Fantastic to wear over the top of concealer for an easy, every-day option

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation

MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation


8. Loose powders

Used for setting liquid and cream products… on…..

If you kept a nub of butter on a low heat, what happens to it? Correcto, melt city. That’s exactly what’s happening to all these lovely liquid and cream products you’ve just layered on your face (which for your sake, I hope is consistently at average body temp of 36.5 degrees).

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder


It’s a common concern for women who tell me they feel their makeup has disappeared by the end of the day. The remedy my pretties, is a dusting and/or lathering of loose powder!

Powders have come a long way so do not fear, you won’t look dry and ‘cakey’ – they come in peace and are your friend! Pop on an even layer over your foundation, or even just on the t-zone to allow your makeup to set and provide a soft powder finish for your bronzer and blush as you continue your makeup.

Stay tuned for Colour selection tips in my next article!!


7 September 2016 Make-Up, Moda

Author: Pauline Demirjian

If you asked teenage Pauline what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would've answered "a cast member on Saturday night live"(Which secretly I'd still love!) Alas here we are! A decade into it, my career as a makeup artist has taken me around the world, blessed me the opportunity to make a difference to how a person feels about themselves, and exposed me to work alongside some of the most talented and creative people in the field. Covering film clips, short films, TVC, studio shoots, England Ireland next top model, Sydney fashion week and as a qualified makeup trainer, I've sunk my teeth into every apple this industry has to offer. And I'm hungry for more. Best part, I don't take it all too seriously, so I’m still making people laugh and smile, just like the cast of SNL. No flashing applause sign necessary.