Foundation Salvation: 6 Easy Colour Selection Steps

by Pauline Demirjian

In my previous blog ‘Foundation Salvation: 8 Options Explained’, I pressed on the importance for your awareness about your individual skin type. This was to help  you select the right foundation product to do your precious skin some justice!

Hopefully you’ve narrowed down the right product for your skin whether it’s a BB cream or a stick foundation.

Now the task is for you to select the right colour to match your skin tone. And by skin tone,  I mean that you need to appropriate the colour of your foundation with your skin tone today – not last summer’s, not next summer’s, but today’s. Capisci?

Let’s get straight into it!

6 Easy Colour Selection Steps

1. Go shopping with no foundation on, or at least be prepared to have some removed for an effective colour match

2. Once you’ve selected the brand and product you’d like to try, look at various colours in the range carefully, pick a maximum 3 shades of foundation you believe will work best for you, and naturally feel free to ask for help from the artists at your chosen brand

3. Try a little swatch of each by lining them next to each other, either across your cheek or jawline. The reason for this is so you’re able to see the foundation surrounded by not only the tone on your entire face, but also your chest, as you’re aiming to match face and body tone in harmony.

4. Once applied, remove the worst match then blend in the remaining two colours. What you’re looking for now is the colour that has disappeared – that’s the ‘winner winner chicken dinner’!

5. At this stage, if you can, walk into natural sunlight with these tests on your face, it’s the harshest and most honest light. Don’t trust department store lighting as it can cast green, yellow or other cartoon character tones onto your skin – skewing your selection.

6. Once you think you’ve found the right colour, try it on all over, and check again in natural light.

Found the right colour?

1. Does the foundation disappear into the skin so that you can still see your skin coming through.

2. Have you achieved the finish and coverage you had in mind (not forgetting the use of concealer if need be, but I’ll have another article just on my love affair with concealer for next time)?

3. Is the colour so spot on, you haven’t got any mask lines?

On the assumption you’ve answered yes, rejoice!!! I’m proud of you, you’ve found your perfect match and as you move forward in life together, I’m confident you will both make each other happy (well for the next couple months anyway).

Final little pointer and a Makeup Artist ‘no no’ – please don’t fall into the trap of believing that testing foundation colour on the back of your hand is going to be accurate. Your hands are exposed to sun completely different to your face.

You really ought to make the effort of trying it on your face so that you’re buying the right product.

It may seem like a lot of information to take in, but I can guarantee you, once you’ve got the foundation selection process sorted, it’s going to be valuable, nay; priceless knowledge that gets passed down from generation to generation! Lord knows I’d have rather been given this info than half of my currently unused dowry 🙂

Till next time, happy blending!!


22 March 2018 Make-Up, Moda

Author: Pauline Demirjian

If you asked teenage Pauline what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would've answered "a cast member on Saturday night live"(Which secretly I'd still love!) Alas here we are! A decade into it, my career as a makeup artist has taken me around the world, blessed me the opportunity to make a difference to how a person feels about themselves, and exposed me to work alongside some of the most talented and creative people in the field. Covering film clips, short films, TVC, studio shoots, England Ireland next top model, Sydney fashion week and as a qualified makeup trainer, I've sunk my teeth into every apple this industry has to offer. And I'm hungry for more. Best part, I don't take it all too seriously, so I’m still making people laugh and smile, just like the cast of SNL. No flashing applause sign necessary.