Mary Berejiklian

Probably like most people, I think I’m esoteric, and maintain a healthy level of narcissism
– yup I’m a real girl nextdoor…

I like to redefine boundaries, am rather unconventional, and have a curious mind. 

I’ve been in the professional PR communications industry longer than I’d like to admit – albeit I’m still in my flirty thirties (or depending on what day of the week it’s ‘dirty thirties’).

By some standards I’m a little quirky and whimsical in my thoughts. For this reason I really needed a creative outlet, because there are only so many outfits I can trial on my poor colleagues… being in the corporate world, I worry that my love and flair for writing, music, fashion, film and art may suffocate.

 I love nostalgia and am known for subtly (in my mind) immersing myself in the past in any creative or artistic avenue available. 

I get a kick out of helping people, I’m related to some of my best mates, I like anything that makes me laugh, and sincere gestures of kindness melt my heart. 

A bit of a tomboy, I love my music, sport, my clothes, Brigitte Bardot (unashamedly),
liquorice (I’m trying to cut down), Beards and Chest hair (trend that’s still lingering)
and colour…loads of it!

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