Brigitte B is all that!

What is it about BB that I, and bill’ loads of men and women are completely intrigued by? Errr how about her tousled hair, pouty lips, heavy eyeliner, deep cleavage, adorable overbite and ‘joie de vivre’...

Mixtape: 3:00AM

If you’ve ever suffered a bout of insomnia you’ll know the eeriness of the world at 3:00am. There’s no other time quite like it: everything is dark and still and you feel overwhelmingly alone regardless of who’s around you..

Foundation Salvation:  6 Easy Colour Selection Steps
Foundation Salvation: 8 options explained

Aboriginal Painting – insider tips!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014
Thinking about buying some art? Look no further than our own backyard.. Let me talk you through it.. There are still many who think of the traditional ‘dotted’ bark paintings when it comes to Australian Aboriginal art. Although these are still around and appreciated by art lovers everywhere, Aboriginal art has evolved to become sooo much more than what it’s typicall ... read more >>
Aboriginal Painting – insider tips!

Is it love?

Thursday, 13 November 2014
  ..only on my own terms. If you’ve decided to read on, you’re going to get a confronting; albeit realistic insight to my experiences in the quest for love. Some of us refuse to admit we want or need love when we don’t have it. For inexplicable reasons there are some who as myself, find themselves on their own in the later years of life, experiencing a mul ... read more >>
Is it love?